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Ancient Extracts for a modern world
No Hype, Just Nature

At deDANÚ we pride ourselves on sourcing pure, locally cultivated, botanical ingredients. By collaborating with herbalists and farmers who prioritize quality and care throughout harvest and production we ensure a superior quality product. But quality is just the beginning isn’t it? We make choices at every stage of cultivation to ensure the products you use in your home and on your body are free of allergens, unnatural chemicals and fragrances, toxins, carcinogens, fillers, or genetically modified ingredients. We begin with plants... born of sun, water, and healthy soil... so what you put on your skin and into the air is clean, clear, and bursting with the vitality of life.

Beauty begins beneath the skin
Slow Beauty Model

We believe in a slow beauty model so grab a glass of lemon water and let’s talk about the health of our skin. Here at deDANÚ we understand that beauty lives above and beyond our bodies but we begin with these, our first and last homes. Our skincare offerings celebrate the wisdom of our elders by mixing herbaceous and floral elements to unlock inner radiance. Our wellness salves and CBD Serums and Oils take the skin one step further and invite the body to collaborate toward an invigoration of wellness. Using the latest extraction technologies we harness the ancient plant power of hemp and CBD to reduce inflammation and bolster the immune system. 

Wellness beyond beauty
Home Wellness Products

Our home wellness products extend the magic of beauty through the air, through the sanctuaries we call home, and out into the gardens that sustain us. Our beauty runs deep. Like the goddesses of old we do things the hard way to ensure our values are reflected all the way through our supply chain. Given the assumption that health is beauty we prioritize sustainable harvest, circular waste models, and organic farming to extend our support for beauty out into our communities. We are innovators embracing the value of traditional knowledge passed down to us through generations. We are constantly testing new solutions to household problems so check back regularly to keep your eyes on what we’ve formulated. From our hearth to yours, Slainte Chugat.

essential oil diffuser
Beyond Sustainability to Carbon Neutrality

Our mission is to create carbon neutral products. We understand the science behind sustainability and grow plants that sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Our packaging is recycled glass and we use circular manufacturing processes only. We minimise our carbon footprint in shipping and distribution through centralising all activities through our location in Ireland.

Efficacy Trials & Case Studies

We are dedicated to ensuring our products are multi-purpose, functional and effective. We conduct clinical case-studies in collaboration with experienced occupational therapists and skincare experts to measure results and report findings from participants using our products. Our focus is not only on general skin health but on chronic skin conditions negatively that impact people's lives.

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Compliance & Regulation

Our founder is keenly interested international regulatory affairs and compliance. All deDANÚ products are licensed for European manufacturing and distribution as well as distribution into a number of jurisdictions including North America, Asia and Australia. Each jurisdiction has its own cosmetics regulation and deDANÚ ensures compliance with each. deDANÚ also holds a number of hemp cultivation & research licenses.

Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturing Meetings Circular Farming and Cultivation

State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing

We formulate, manufacture and distribute our own products in our state-of-the-art facility in the Irish Midlands. We implement Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) at each stage of our production processes to ensure the highest quality products and the cleanest environment possible. Every single ingredient is carefully assessed for both quality & environmental impact.

Biodiversity and Circular Practices

We are committed to the protection of biodiversity. Biodiversity means working in partnership with our vetted suppliers. In the supply chain, close collaboration with suppliers and farmers and field operators is central to our practices. We implement circular farming and processing practices and ensure that our manufacturing is water free and waste free.