What is Gua Sha?

what does gua sha do?

What is Gua Sha?

We've all seen the viral videos and the before and after photos but do we really know what all the fuss is about?

Gua Sha is a massage technique that originated from traditional Chinese medicine. It’s been used for thousands of years to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, relax stiff muscles and increase energy. Traditionally, it’s carried out on the body including the back, neck, arms, legs and buttocks. More recently you’ll have seen it being carried out as a facial treatment (you know that 2am Tiktok spiral you were in? That's where you saw it!) 

The word “gua” means “scrape” and “sha” means “sand” and refers to the way that the skin reddens after Gua Sha has been performed on an area of the body.

A Gua Sha massage usually uses a tool to massage the body or face. Modern versions are jade rollers or rose quartz stones that are used with an oil to massage, scrape and cool the skin. 

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History of Gua Sha

Our research found that Gua Sha was widely used as far back as the Yuan Dynasty – though it may go even further back than that - in ancient China, Gua Sha was used as a medical treatment for people who fell ill, sick children or people experiencing heatstroke.

It was originally known as Bian Therapy, due to the first tools used being fashioned out of a Bian stone, and sat alongside traditional medicines such as acupuncture and herbal therapies. However, in many homes in ancient China, any tool available at home would be used to carry out Gua Sha

According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi (or chi) is energy that flows through the body. Many people believe that a person’s qi must be balanced and flowing freely for them to be healthy and well.

Gua Sha has remained popular and practiced all across Asia since these ancient times, as a treatment for illness and a way to increased wellbeing. As it became more known in Western medicine, it’s popularity grew and research has been carried out which supports the benefits of it as a treatment.

Gua Sha in Modern Skin Care

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Gua Sha has become a modern skin care treatment as it’s great for lymphatic drainage and can be relaxing and de-stressing for the skin, as well as the mind. Effective lymphatic drainage can make your face look more toned and sculpted in appearance as it removes congestion.

It’s also great for inflammation, easing away discomfort, reducing tension and reducing puffiness in the face. The best part about it is that Gua Sha is so accessible, and is something that everyone can do as part of their routine. It’s a form of self care that doesn’t require lots of time, specialist skills or expensive, complicated tools.

Carrying out Gua Sha on yourself as a facial treatment is easy. You just need a Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool, a soothing, skin-friendly oil like deDANÚ's Fragrance free, sysnthetic free Goddess Facial Elixir, and to make sure you’re following the right technique (hint: there are lots of videos on YouTube or Instagram that will help). You’re then ready to Gua Sha and reap the benefits of this ancient Chinese wellness treatment.

Learn more: www.dedanu.ie

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