I Replaced My Entire Beauty Routine With Only deDANÚ Products..Here is Why

I Replaced My Entire Beauty Routine With Only deDANÚ Products 
Here is why…
Trisha from Cork
I suffer from extremely dry skin and have tried and tested so many products. deDANÚ's CBD Face Cream is rich in texture and it sinks into your skin quickly to leave a very soft and non-shiny finish. Instantly my skin felt hydrated and feels soft. Over the weeks my skin feels plumped and has a natural glow. I love this facial cream.
dedanu cbd facial cream ireland
So... I invested in deDANÚ's Goddess Elixir Facial oil… 
The facial oil is thick in texture and rich when applied to the skin. It feels luxurious. It has reduced inflammation in my skin but has particularly helped my teenage daughter who suffers from acne and has very sensitive skin. I see a radical change in her skin and the redness, acne has disappeared in two weeks with this facial oil. I do think deDANÚ should focus on selling this product to teenagers as this product is amazing.
I then invested again in the deDANÚ range and ordered the CBD Salve which is a deep skin treatment. I put this on before bed and I can feel the benefits instantly. It is like a home facial. My skin has a natural glow and I no longer feel the need to always wear make up as my skin is so healthy looking. It has also repaired sun damage on my face and under my eyes are not as tired looking.
I would highly recommend this skin-care range as its natural, pure, doesn’t clog up my pores and its packed with skin rejuvenating antioxidants. You will see the benefits very quickly on your skin. I have started even using the CBD Skin Salve on my hands as they had become so dry from the sanitizer.
De Danu’s skin care has brightened my skin, given me deep hydration and there is a radical chang in the overall complexion of both my skin and my teenagers' skin in just two weeks.
I love the range.
Trisha from Cork

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