Breathe Essential Oil Blend Ingredients

Breathe Essential Oil Blend Ingredients

Ravensara Leaf Oil, Bay Laurel Oil, Eucalyptus (Globulus) Oil, Peppermint Oil, T-Tree Oil

Notable Wellness Hero: Ravensara

Our Breathe Blend is made up of more than 50% Ravensara Oil, a rare essential oil from Madagascar that is only beginning to take centre stage as a wellness hero. The primary compounds found in Ravensara are estragole, methyl eugenol and limonene.

Estragole is known for reducing fatigue, alleviating stress, improving sleep qualityrelieving headaches, boosting cognitive function, and improving mood. Limonene  is well-known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, providing a remedy for a range of health issues and improving overall well-being.

Diffusion Directions: 

  • Simply add 5-8 drops of deDANÚ Breathe Essential Oil Blend and diffuse in a deDANÚ Diffuser to create an clean and fresh experience.
  • Place in an open space such as your kitchen, bedroom, office desk, table or counter.
  • Select your LED light option of choice.
  • Enjoy invigorating notes as they gently fill your space.


deDANÚ products are formulated and made in Ireland at Arbutus Innovation Centre.

deDANÚ products are always free from toxins and carcinogens. No Artificial colours, no petrochemicals, no parabens, no synthetic chemicals, added colours or genetically modified ingredients. 

No hype, just nature.