The Sustainable Skincare Revolution


The Sustainable Skincare Revolution 

The world is waking up to cleaner, greener ways of living. The number of conscious consumers is growing and with that growth, we see an increased demand for eco-friendly products. 

While big brands are busy investing millions into marketing themselves as green and eco (a practice known as ‘greenwashing’), they are spending far less money on actually establishing greener practices. 

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As a result, their greenwashing ways are becoming as see through as the plastic they wrap their products in.   

Thankfully, consumers are making more informed and conscious purchasing decisions and as a result, there is a natural shift towards supporting small, local, independent brands who truly care about our planet. 


The Importance of Shopping Local

Over the past year, we have become familiar with the importance of supporting local businesses for economic reasons. A lesser discussed benefit of supporting local is the carbon footprint of the products we purchase. 


A supermarket sweep through Tesco will offer you coconuts from Thailand for €2.50 and peanut butter from New Zealand for €7.00 - the mind starts to wonder about the carbon footprint of those items. After all, can’t we grow peanuts in Ireland?! 

When we purchase items that are sustainably and locally made in Ireland, not only are we supporting small business and the economy but we are also minimising our carbon footprint. 


With that said, it’s time to introduce a home-grown, carbon-friendly skincare and wellness brand who’s making the protection of our planet a priority!

 deDANU: CBD Skincare & Wellness 
Sustainably Made in the Heart of Ireland


deDANU is a family-run, award-winning, carbon-friendly, Irish CBD skincare and wellness brand which is determined to shake up the skincare industry and place the planet at the forefront of everything it does.  

With a range of all natural, hand-crafted salves, creams and oils as well as diffusers, essential oils, and wellness rollers, deDANU is proof that you can enjoy luxury skincare and wellness products without harming the planet in the process. 


deDANU goes far beyond skincare and promotes slow beauty, circular and carbon conscious skincare, eco-agriculture, purposeful and multi-use products, and long-term wellness powered by plants.

From circular manufacturing to circular agriculture, deDANU are deeply and continually committed to respecting our planet.

Their collection of CBD infused products are manufactured in-house and distributed from Athlone, Ireland. They are clinically tested to prove that they work and are made with all natural, plant based oils and bases. 

Beyond Sustainability to Carbon Neutrality 

 The beauty industry is responsible for a large percentage of plastic waste every year - even a quick visit to mainstream pharmacies can be very stressful for us eco warriors as we see a mountain of plastic surrounding us.  

The whole deDANU collection is 99% plastic-free and made from sustainable alternatives like recycled glass and bamboo. 

deDANU are on a mission to create carbon neutral products. This mission involves growing plants that sequester carbon from the atmosphere and engaging solely in circular manufacturing processes that are water and waste free.

It’s great to have access to high quality skincare and wellness products knowing that you are not increasing your carbon footprint or contributing to the ongoing plastic epidemic. 

 establishing greener practices.

Sustainable Agriculture: A New Way of Farming in Ireland

deDANU utilises sustainably harvested herbs to elevate home wellness routines, and works with local cultivators and herbalists who harvest sustainably from marginalised bogland throughout Ireland. 


The importance of agriculture in Ireland cannot be understated however with the effects it can have on the environment, deDANU - as an established leader in the Irish hemp industry - is keen to encourage movement toward lower carbon intensity farming through continuous farmer education and quality control on farm sites. 


Traditional farming methods like dairy and beef farming can carry a heavy carbon footprint.  

deDANU encourages farmers to turn toward hemp for marginal land use and educates policy makers on hemp cultivation as an alternative to dairy and beef farming through cultivar research, conference presentations, industry committee presentations and private consultation services.  


Through the implementation of eco-agriculture methods, a smarter way of farming is on the horizon for Ireland which will benefit both farmers and the environment.   

Join the Sustainable Clean Skincare Revolution

If you are ready to switch to skincare and wellness products that are kinder to the planet, then deDANU are your go-to. Not only is their collection kinder to the planet, but it’s also kinder to your skin.  THE SUSTAINABLE SKINCARE REVOLUTION IRELAND

The whole deDANU collection is free from toxins, synthetic fillers, carcinogens, artificial colours, parabens, and all the other nasties that can lurk in other skincare products. 

deDANU is striving to contribute to a cleaner, healthier world filled with people who have cleaner, happier skin!

Are you ready to join the sustainable, clean skincare revolution?

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