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deDANÚ is on a mission to create all-natural, purposeful wellness offerings that deliver real results. deDANÚ ensures that every ingredient in our formulae has a specific purpose.

This results in highly concentrated, whole, pure, active and effective products that work naturally to balance the skin, resulting in improved glows and overall wellbeing.
Every single product we offer is entirely synthetic-free.
There are no unnecessary add-ons or cheap fillers.
Our skincare products are more than skincare products, they are wellness heroes.
We envelop each product in therapeutic scents from natural oils while ensuring the most luxurious textures and of course, gorgeous aesthetics with our fully sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.

This week's staff Favourite:

Introducing our Goddess Elixir, a beautiful, earthy, natural green oil that offers deep moisture and quick absorption.  It is perfect for those who normally don’t like oils, (and rightly so as most oils cause oils!).
This elixir is incredibly calming, grounding and seriously hydrating. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and perfect for around the eye area. It is rich in omegas, vitamins and minerals.
The oils has anti-inflammatory effects from the coffee oil which has chlorogenic acid (CGA) which is linked to reducing hyperpigmentation and inflammation.
The oil can be used anywhere that needs extra attention. Suitable for all skin types and all bodies!
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