Do Essential Oils Work?

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are volatile chemicals. The oils are released from a leaf, flower or bark of a plant through various extraction methodologies.  The term “essential oils” has been widely used for centuries, referencing the “essence” (i.e., smell or taste) of the plant or tree from which they’re distilled. We know now that essential Oils are much more than 'essence'. 

Plants and their parts have been used for centuries for wellness. Essential oils in particular have increased in popularity in the last few decades. This is due in part, to developments in research and technology related to extraction methodologies and the increased availability of oils globally. Research in relation to essential oils and natural compounds within the health sector has also expanded as consumer demand for natural products has increased. 

Scientific research to prove health claims associated with essential oils and their compounds still lags behind traditional pharmaceutical research which focuses mostly on synthetic, laboratory made ingredients. This is partially because the research and production of plant based compounds is expensive, takes significant time and can’t be protected like other pharmaceutical compounds. (Big pharma love to own their IP and unfortunately for them, one can’t own rights to a plant or its part - how beautiful is that?) 

What Sets deDANÚ as a leader in the industry?

deDANÚ was founded based on two absolutes 

  1. Plants and their parts truly do have health benefits 
  2. Further, high quality, scientific research is required to realize those potentials through carefully selected ingredients and formulas.   

deDANÚ’s science team does not just focus on the scent of the essential oils. The team reviews where the plant was sourced, when it was harvested and the individual compounds within that extracted plant. For example, lavender oil, which we all know and love contains a chemical constituent called linalool. This component/compound is well studied and used in countless products globally.

There is significant research to show that this compound  has a number of health-benefiting properties. Research has shown that it has the ability to promote calmness and relaxation. Other research at the University of Kentucky suggests that putting lavender essential oil on a nearby object reduced hospital intensive care stays for infants who had pre-birth narcotics dependency. An interesting added bonus to this study is that because of the subjects being infants and the setting being a neonatal unit, the argument for placebo is invalid. 

To ensure that each batch of lavender deDANÚ uses contains the correct amount of linalool, deDANÚ’s laboratory used two types of testing at their manufacturing and research site in Athlone; mass spectrometry and gas chromatography. The testing will assure that the oil has a specific potency and thus ensuring its effectiveness. To put it simply, deDANÚ oils are tested to the highest standards, with elaborate equipment and trained personnel, ensuring safety and effectiveness. 

Given the attention to detail in relation to specific compounds within certain formulations, deDANÚ ensures that certain blends and oils can support one’s wellness. For example, deDANÚ Tension Release roller blend  prioritizes the refreshing and cooling sensation of peppermint (which contains menthol), with customers reporting relief from aches, headaches and stiffness. 

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The Research

One particular benefit to using essential oils is that our body and its receptors recognise the natural components in essential oils more readily than in synthetic oils. Synthetic oils linger in the system, generally with negative or unknown effects. 

Generally, it is well researched through scientific studies and through aromatherapy that scent is powerful, if you smell something and it happens to appeal to you, you can assume that your body needs it. If you have a negative reaction to the smell, and the smell isn’t inviting, your body doesn’t need it. 

Research from the University of Vienna’s Gerhard Buchbauer suggests essential oils have the power to activate your central nervous system in ways that may increase attention, sharpen thinking and improve sleep. 

American research hospitals, from Harvard to Stanford, are now using essential oils as part of a growing interest and funding toward “integrative medicine.”  The aim of many of the programs including essential oils is to incorporate nontraditional methods and non-pharmaceutical products into more mainstream medical settings. 

deDANÚ’s Commitment to Health

What makes deDANÚ stand out in what is now a sea of essential oil and natural skincare companies, is two-fold. First is the company’s commitment to using the highest-quality essential oils with no fillers, no additives, no synthetics and no petroleum. Other companies say they’re ‘all-natural’ or ‘organic’ but that doesn’t mean they don’t contain fillers or additives. deDANÚ uses 100% natural ingredients that are consistently tested using modern analytical procedures and equipment. 

deDANU’s skincare is also formulated in a manner that ensures quality testing each step of the way. The skincare is formulated with absorption and efficacy in mind, ensuring that skincare routines remain simple, wholesome, packed with goodness and feel luxurious too. 

The second piece of the puzzle that sets deDANU apart is our dedicated commitment to customer service and education. The vision is that our team can work with customers to find solutions that work, finding beautiful products that support mind, body and the home. 

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Must-Have Oils for your Wellness Cabinet

Lavender Essential Oil, the most popular and well-known oil. Lavender is familiar to all of us with a sweet, floral and herbal blend often used as a sleep aid and to support feelings of calmness. It is also a great skincare ingredient. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil, brings you back to that spa day that you long to repeat. It is known amongst aromatherapists as the 'breathing' oil with an uplifting, clean and almost medicinal scent. Perfect when someone in the house is going through respiratory discomfort. 

Sweet Orange Oil, is zesty, fresh and sweet and instantly uplifts and instills positivity. We love to mix it in the Winter with clove, fir and cinnamon for a burst of festive magic. 

Frankincense Essential Oil, the 'king' of oils, with a rich history has a truly unique scent profile, with warm and earthy tones. It promotes feelings of calm, ease and can support vitality and a sense of renewal. 

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