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We are all born creative. Creativity is not something reserved for the elite few. No matter who you are or what you consider your creative abilities to be, we all have access to creative reserves hidden deep within. 

Humans create. It’s what we have done since prehistoric times. Creativity is what spurs us on. We invented tools, learned how to build, cook, draw, sing… we even discovered how to fly! How then, can it be that 77% of adults believe they have lost their creative ability? 

Child’s Play

Watch any child at play and you will see a creative at work. Young children devise, explore and improvise at will. They exist in an ever-joyful, ever-present state of play and thrive mentally and physically as a result. As they grow however, something changes. “Adult” concerns of time, money and stress push creativity to the side.  Deadlines loom, projects falter and we’re left we’re unfulfilled and uninspired before we realise how much we much  we need our innovative spark. 

What can we do? 

Luckily, there are concrete steps you can take to awaken your creative streak.  Creativity is not an ability we can lose. (Phew!)  We simply lose touch with our inner connection, that is all. With practice and patience (alongside some practical actions steps highlighted below) it is entirely possible to reignite your life and tap back into the creative zest you once had.  

Read on to explore more.


Inspiration is the springboard of creativity. Although it might seem spontaneous and out of our control, it is actually a lot more practical than you might think. The key to getting inspired is to get yourself in the right state of mind, body and heart for inspiration to come your way. (Bonus points if you also happen to have some fun along the way!) 

Here are some of our top recommendations to help you feel inspired:  

  • Get out into nature. Studies show that being in the outdoors increases feelings of vitality, ultimately leaving us more feeling more inspired. 

    • Move your body. Take a dance class, go for a walk. Find something that you enjoy, that lifts your energy and shifts your mood. 

    • Shake up the familiar and try something new. It might be a new place, a new recipe or a new form of movement. out-of-the-ordinary experiences will help you develop more original ideas

    • Indulge in your senses. Here’s where essential oils can be incredibly useful: try diffusing clary sage in your office space or home to encourage clarity, grounded-ness and a sense of over-all receptivity. 

  • Product recommendation: This focus essential oil blend is the perfect gift for any creative person in your life. 
  • Motivation 

    Motivation is an essential component of any creative endeavour. If inspiration is the idea, motivation is the action. True motivation is so much more than dogged willpower. It is effortless, free-flowing and gets the job done. Aligned action is what leaves us feeling energized and fulfilled.  

    • A great way to increase motivation is to establish what Tara Mohr calls “gift goals”. A gift goal is a one that is “resonant with our values [and] our temperaments”. They come from the inside, as opposed to the outside (think “should” goals) and are therefore far more likely to succeed in the long-term. 

    • Regular breaks are essential. Short interval breaks are a great way to ensure we don’t deplete our can-do attitude. Stretch, take a breath and step away from your work. It’ll feel  all the fresher when you return! 

    • Work environment has the ability to greatly impact if and how we maintain motivation. Reduce clutter, and maintain as positive and peaceful a space as you can. 

    • Try applying some lemon or bergamot essential oils on your pulse points before you work. Both are excellent to uplift and invigorate your spirit as you go through your day. 


    Care for your body 

    Our body is our portal. It is how we experience our world, our ideas, our life and is the only vehicle we have to express, experience and enjoy our creativity! 

      • Make time for self-care. It doesn’t need to be elaborate to be effective!

    Try this ultra-nourishing CBD hand cream for tired, sore hands. Infused with pure cannabidiol, it is THC free and an excellent way to restore tired, stressed out skin. Similarly, you can reduce puffiness and relieve tension using this rose quartz facial roller and gua sha set. Both are a great way to tap into our parasympathetic nervous system and encourage our body to relax.  


    Get adequate sleep. Tired brains stifle creative flow. Practice good sleep hygiene. Ensure your sleeping environment is cool and dark, wind down from screen usage ahead of time and try (if you can) to avoid large meals directly before lying down.


    Calm an anxious mind using this lavender essential oil. 

    Circadian rhythms

    Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, supporting your own circadian rhythm is a great way to ensure you’re at your creative best. 

    Morning: Reach for uplifting scents to start your day. Diffuse this uplifting essential oil collection to energize the body and freshen your space. Each note can be used on its own or blended together to add some well-needed zest before you begin work (or play!)

    Evening: This relaxation collection is a great way to encourage our minds and spirits to unwind. Run a bath, find some comfy clothes and diffuse some of these delicious scents in your space to ensure you can switch off effectively, and allow those creative reserves to replenish and revive.  

    “At the heart of creativity is a desire to have fun…”

    The benefits of a creative life are many. Creativity is what leads us to passion, joy, and an over-all increased quality of life. And yes, while we are all creative, it is important to remember we are all creative in different ways. What lights you up is as unique to your personality as your finger-print. Explore, be adventurous, find what sparks your soul! A new recipe, a snazzy spreadsheet, or a song that changes the world…. Whatever it is, we hope you find it, relish in it and have some fun along the way! 

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