A Beginners Guide to Choosing Essential Oils

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A Beginners Guide to Choosing Essential Oils 

Our homes are a great representation of us and our lives. They can be a sanctuary, a place where we practice self care and where we feel the most relaxed. This extends to the scents in our home too - some fragrances have even been proven to make us feel happier. But did you know that some fragrances in your home are dangerous and unhealthy? Now is the time to learn about replacing those synthetic fragrances with natural, pure essential oils. 

Single essential oils and essential oil blends have a powerful effect on emotions, wellbeing and the way that we feel, so choosing the correct oils for your needs is important. 

Let's start with essential oils and their scents.

What Are the Best Essential Oils For Home?

There are many different ways to incorporate essential oils into your home. Essential oils can be used in candles, room sprays, diffusers to generate a warm, inviting atmosphere at home.

Your favourite scents will be personal to you, and will be linked to your experiences, memories and lifestyle. However, there are some scents that are perfect for creating a truly relaxing, calming sanctuary. Let’s take a look at some of the best scents for home.


Citrus scents – essential oils like Sweet Orange, Lemon and Mandarin Essential Oils can make your living space feel fresh, bright and optimistic. Depending on the scent you choose and how you blend, they can be sweet, sharp or refreshing. They’re ideal for a boost of freshness in light and airy living spaces.


Floral scents – florals can be a more traditional choice, but that doesn’t need to mean that they’re boring. Lavender, Bergamot and Rose Geranium Essential Oils work amazingly well when blended with other fragrances and can be adapted to either be calming or upbeat in your home. They’re a beautiful addition to bedrooms and bathrooms.



Green scents – these are different to floral scents as they don’t have the perfume-y sweetness that can come with true floral fragrances. With green scents, think leaves vs flowers. They’re refreshing, light, airy and outdoorsy and make any home feel tranquil and inviting. Look for Eucalyptus, Fir Needle essential oils and other woodsy, grassy scents to bring the outdoors in.


Herbal scents – herbal fragrances such as Clary Sage, Clove, Frankincense and Rosemary Essential oils leave your home feeling fragrant and relaxing. They’re great for de-stressing and adding depth of fragrance to your home, especially when paired with florals.


Berry scents – mixing sweetness with florality, berry scented products can create a really uplifting, positive atmosphere in your home. From more traditional berry scents like Strawberry and Raspberry, through to more complex, calming ones like Juniper BerryEssential Oil these are a great one for hallways or entryways into your home.


Mint scents – mint scents are refreshing, uplifting and soothing. Peppermint Essential Oil, for example, is great to help eliminate feelings of grief, worry or heaviness. Mint fragrances have also been used to dispel nausea for thousands of years. Spearmint and Lemon Mint are also gorgeous, refreshing fragrances for your home.

Choosing a scent is personal, and everyone will have their own favourites. Think about the type of atmosphere you want to create in your home and the scents that you enjoy to relax and refresh your mind and body. It’s also important to consider where in the home you’re going to use your fragrance.

Still unsure how to start? Try our Home Favourites Diffuser Set and discover the some essential oils blends that feels like home for you.

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