10 Natural Scents for a Healthy + Warm Christmas Atmosphere

While we love the idea of Christmas and look forward to spending time with the ones we love, Christmas can be a significant source of stress, with some of us putting ourselves under pressure and some of us enduring additional stress at work. Many feel overwhelmed by the added expectations and financial strain.

We still have  a lot to be thankful for and there's no harm in adding a little cheer and atmosphere to your home. If you're a fan of deDANÚ products you already appreciate the importance of natural scents. 

We want to outline some natural scents that you can incorporate into your planning this year. 

christmas essential oil smells

Christmas Tree Smells

Fir Needle Essential Oil 

Hands up who loves that 'tree' smell? Interestingly, there are over thirty different species of trees grown specifically for the Christmas season. You may prefer a big full balsam fir or a sparse more minimalist fraser fir, both magnificently fragrant. If you don't like vacuuming tree needles from the floor or want to save a tree from being chopped down, using Fir Needle Oil in your diffuser can give you that gorgeous smell. Fir needle oil has the added benefit of having a positive effect on the human body. 

fir needle essential oil christmas

Cedarwood Essential Oil 

Cedarwood is another oil that gives a rich aroma making your home feel warm and cozy.  Cedarwood also helps the body to detoxify, stimulates metabolism, and soothes coughs. A much healthier option to those harsh, synthetic 'Christmas Smell Candles' you may have used in the past. 

Christmas Herbs

Rosemary Essential Oil 

Add some Rosemary Essential Oil in the mornings at Christmas time for the perfect mood booster.  Rosemary essential oil is proven to improve memory retention,  fight tiredness, tackle headaches. Try to get your hands on some sprigs on rosemary to add to dishes throughout the season Rosemary Essential Oil has been used for generations. It was a very common herb found throughout the Middle East during the time of Jesus' birth. At that time is was used for many things throughout a home including; as an insect repellant, used in bedding and burial rituals.

Others at the time believed Rosemary was able to ward off evil spirits. Ancient Greeks used rosemary to adorn virgins before sacrificing them, while Romans believed it helped with mental capacity. 

Rosemary Essential Oil Chirstmas

Clove Essential Oil

Love it or hate it, clove is a staple at Chirstmas time. Find it in ham, your favourite Christmas drink or in a candle,  this rich classic scent gives depth and atmosphere while you entertain at home. Clove essential oil also helps to relieve sinus problems and respiratory issues during the cold and flu season.

clove leaf essential oil christmas

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

A stunning, fresh scent that we love to breathe in deep all year around. We mix sweet Orange with cinnamon, clove  and fir needle to a number of our products. The perfect blend to add atmosphere while promoting wellness. Oranges were once a luxury for families and were reserved as a gift for children at Christmas time. Children LOVE sweet orange essential oil and enjoy blending into their own signature diffuser blends. 

sweet orange essential oil christmas

Bergamot Essential Oil

Like other citrus fruits, bergamot has a distinctive, heady fragrance and flavour. This under valued fragrant essential oil has a distinctive heady fragrance. Because of this it is used in perfumes and colognes. It is what gives Earl Grey tea its signature flavour and aroma. 

bergamot essential oil christmas

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon Essential Oil is one of those oils that can instantly bring about a sense of warmth.  The spicy aroma of cinnamon essential oil will remind you of a warm home filled with merry gatherings at Christmas time. As always, we like to focus on the wellness benefits with our oils - Cinnamon Essential oil can also support your immune system, which always ends up working overtime during the winter season. 

Peppermint Essential Oil 

One of our favourites and an all year best seller, peppermint really shines at Christmas time. It is found in so many recipes and desserts especially. Peppermint also promotes respiratory function and supports relaxation, making it the perfect scent to have in your home during the winter and throughout Christmas. 

peppermint essential oil christmas

Frankincense Essential Oil

If you are more of a traditionalist and not a fan of candy canes and gingerbread men then maybe Frankincense is the essential oil for you. 

Frankincense is a rare, expensive oil, also known as the 'king of oils'. It is extracted by a very specific ritual; tapping the bark of a gnarly tree, where a sticky resin forms ‘tears’. These ‘tears’ were burned in traditional incense burners. You'll recognise the smell from going to mass in a Catholic church. Frankincense is a bold, string smell that is both sweet and woodsy. An acquired taste but packed full of health promoting compounds. Frankincense essential oil has a deeply relaxing quality, that instantly makes you slow down and breathe. Used in meditation and proven to reduce anxiety and stress is is also an expectorant for coughs and colds. 

Frankincense Essential Oil Christams

Blending Christmas Aromas

Use one of our signature Christmas scents or experiment with single note essential oils to add a festive Christmas atmosphere to your home or workspace. 

Try creating your custom scent blending Frankincense with other woodsy, earthy scents like Cinnamon, Clove, Sandalwood or Patchouli. If you have a sweeter side blend orange, bergamot, clove and peppermint. 

rosemary essential oil christmas

Christmas / winter holidays is a time to celebrate with mood enhancing natural fragrances. Incorporate essential oils into your home and relive childhood memories. 

We're here to help you use only the finest oils and essential oil products throughout your home. Don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our team to find the best products for you. 

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The deDANÚ Team x





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