deDANÚ is an Irish plant-based bio-science and skincare company focused on luxurious product offerings that are scientifically formulated and manufactured in a pharmaceutical setting in the heart of Ireland. Customers enjoy rich, clinically tested products that are beautifully designed and made using circular manufacturing processes. deDANÚ is currently selling online and in select retail outlets.
Leading Provider of High-End CBD Products - Europe - March 01, 2020
Irish Enterprise Awards - Most Environmentally-Friendly Skincare Company 2021 - February 01, 2021
Press coverage
""Described as "the ultimate face cream for tired, thirsty skin," this face cream didn't just rehydrate my face - it showed me how dehydrated my skin was in the first place""
No hype: deDANÚ's CBD skincare range made me realise how tired my skin really was - December 01, 2020
"Dedicating two years to establish operations, Leah spent the extra time and resources to set up pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facilities and processes for deDANÚ’s products so that every batch is produced to the highest standards possible, something not normally established for ‘natural’ brands. "
Leah Fletcher: deDANÚ Part of our series of articles of women in business locally.
Westmeath Independent - March 27, 2021
"At the same conference James De Melloe urged farmers to take up contracts to grow the plant offered by his firm deDanu in Athlone. He said: “Ireland is a gateway to Europe, has globally competitive tax rates, research incentives and a highly educated workforce. “This country can compete at an international level and is uniquely positioned to capture a significant portion of the global marketplace.”"
Ireland set for explosion of cannabis crops as numbers seeking hemp licenses soar
The Irish Mirror - August 24, 2019
"deDANÚ collaborates with herbalists and farmers who prioritise quality and care throughout harvest and production to ensure a superior quality product. Leah’s experience from working in the medical cannabis industry in Canada spurred her to establish a business at home in Ireland."
Homegrown Heroes: deDanú is providing us with CBD skincare
RSVP Magazine - April 14, 2021
"DeDanu, which produces Cannabidiol (CBD)-based products from hemp, is planning significant expansion over the next year."
Wanted: farmers to grow 5,000 acres of hemp for Westmeath firm
The Independent - July 09, 2019
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